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Idaho & Eastern Oregon
Planting: March 14 – April 10
Planting occurs between mid-March and mid-April. The date varies year to year depending on soil and weather conditions, water availability, and onion variety. Planting usually takes about three to four weeks.

Growing: March 24 – September 14
Onions emerge 10 to 14 days after planting and grow for 120 to 140 days depending on variety and growing conditions. Throughout this time, nutrients and water are carefully administered through drip and furrow irrigation. By the end of the growing season a typical onion field will have had 30 inches per acre of water applied to it.

Harvest: August 20 – October 10
Harvesting begins in mid to late August and continues through mid-October. In the Idaho/Eastern Oregon growing area warm dry fall days allow for the ideal curing environment for storage onions. Following harvest, our onions are placed in forced air storages that allow them to be shipped through the end of April.

Shipping: September - April


Planting: October 1 – November 15
Planting occurs between October 1st and mid-November. Onions harvested in mid-April are planted after October 15.

Growing: October 10 – April 30
The Texas growing season lasts from mid-October through the end of April.

Harvest: March 1 – May 20
Harvest starts in March and lasts through mid-May.

Shipping: April - May

Planting: October 15 – March 1
California has multiple growing regions and plant dates. The first seeds go in the ground in mid-October, and the last are planted as late as February.

  • Central Valley (Huron): Planting starts in November and lasts through the end of February. Variety and specific location determines the exact planting dates.
  • Imperial Valley (Brawley): Planting occurs in mid-October

Growing: October 25 – August 15

  • Central Valley (Huron): Onions grow for approximately 150 to 180 days.
  • Imperial Valley (Brawley): Onions grow for approximately 180 days.

Harvest: April 15 – September 30
California begins harvest in mid-April and continues through August.

  • Central Valley (Huron): First part of June through early September.
  • Imperial Valley (Brawley): Mid-April through the first part of June.

Shipping: May - September


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