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How do you build a business that grows and prospers for more than 100 years? By sticking to your values. Here’s how our mission sets us apart.

Cultivating Relationships

We’ve nurtured and grown our steady base of quality growers, often through generations. Our success depends on them, so we assist with everything from seed selection to marketing. We’re proud to work with every last one of our growing partners.  

Embracing Technology

Better growing, better shipping, better sustainability, better communication — over the years, we’ve managed to improve across the board by continually exploring and adopting changes that will work for us and our customers. We’ve been industry leaders for years because we believe in delivering the best.

Exceeding Standards

It’s not enough for us to provide good onions or good service. Our aim is to wow our customers every step of the way. Our deep relationships set us apart.

Excelling in Service

Excellent service is standard operating procedure at JC Watson. Earning customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal — we always treat others the way we wish to be treated.

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