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Introducing the Sunion, an onion unlike anything you’ve ever worked with before. This versatile onion doesn’t get more pungent as time goes on — it develops more sweetness and provokes fewer tears!

Why You’ll Love Them
• Certified sweet by a third party
• Grown using non-GMO methods
• Consistently sweet and mild with a great crunch
• Unbelievably versatile — use them raw or cooked
• Won’t overpower meals
• Reduces prep time
• Grown in the U.S.A.
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Sunions are available November through April, or while supplies last.

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“The Sunion is a real game changer as a chef! It makes me smile every time I use them because they’re awesome. They’re so fun to work with.” Storm Hodge, Executive Chef and Winemaker, Parma Ridge Winery

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