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We hope J.C. Watson is known for excellent products a century now. To make that happen, we need to invest in sustainability today.

Smart Technology

Our planters and harvest equipment are designed for modern farming practices, allowing for more precision in the field and less waste.

Strategic Crop Rotation

We’ve invested into strategic crop rotations that promote soil health by increasing organic matter to produce the most nutrition. We rotate our crops every four to five years to produce the safest, healthiest onions for our consumers.

Easier-On-The-Earth Practices

J.C. Watson uses cover crops, which fix nitrogen into the soil, and bio fumigants to enhance soil health rather than deplete it.

Wise Use of Water

Our onion crops are fed through drip irrigation, which allows us to cut down on our overall use while delivering the precise amount of water our crops need to thrive. We’ve received federal grants to improve our sediment ponds to remove silt and other sediments and prevent further erosion of the land.

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