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How do we make onions available anytime, anywhere? Through smart planning, sustainable practices, and the cultivation of lasting relationships with our Partner Shippers.


Our sheds in Parma and Wilder, Idaho, are the flagships of a series of sheds throughout the West. We work with partners in California, New Mexico, and Texas, so we’re positioned to make sure you receive the right onions at the right time out of best location.  We provide a one contact selling office so you only manage one onion supplier for your needs 365 days a year.


Our full-service transportation services include containers, intermodal, railcars, and trucks. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all system — we use every logistical tool available to us to make sure our onions get to you on time. We’ll arrange transportation for you or work with your current provider to make it happen.


The key to our top-notch onions is the soil: Without healthy, sustainable farming practices, we can’t get the maximum yield from each field or deliver best-in-class taste. We’re firm believers in judicious use of agricultural chemicals, regular crop rotation, and water management and conservation. The earth has been the source of our livelihood for generations, and we plan on keeping it that way for generations to come.

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